Saturday, March 19, 2011

Casual gamers are not destroying gaming, they're helping gaming!

I am so sick off the "Hardcore Gamers" complaining about Facebook games and motion control games and every game in the "Casual Games" genre. Well as a Golden Age Gamer I thought I'd shed some light on the subject while staring at my display case filled with retro consoles and reminisce on some of the things I'm bringing up.

Let me take you on a trip back through time to the time of the PlayStation. Golden Age Gamers like me hated the new gamers it was bring into gaming and all the new genres being brought in, but we were content since we were still getting the games we loved. Fast forward to the dawn of what some of the Golden Age Gamers called the "SIN BOX" aka Xbox where gaming started on it's dark path toward creating most of you today, the "Hardcore Gamers" and the dawn of realism in games. We were outraged by the arrival of the jocks and average people coming into the nerd mecca that was gaming. Gaming was losing it's touch and more games targeting the new "Hardcore" audience were flooding the market and games about anything were disappearing for more realistic "Hardcore" games, and we were pissed at first but as time progressed we learned to live with them for one reason and one reason alone... the games targeted at us became even greater then we thought they could be.

Yes thanks to you "Hardcore Gamers" games targeted at "Golden Age Gamers" became fantastic and kept getting better. Let's look at Final Fantasy for a minute and also SHUT UP I know you hate it for do decent reason. Final Fantasy's visuals have gotten so much better thanks to your money buying games increasing the amount of money coming into the industry. Thanks to YOUR MONEY Final Fantasy XIII looks as magnificent as it does(even though everything else in the game is sub par but that's another post to write). You've obviously seen the first party Nintendo games quality haven't you? That again is YOUR MONEY making the games look as good and fun as they are.

My point is YOUR MONEY helped the games industry and helped make our games great. Now see what us "Golden Age Gamers" have done? Sure we still complain about the "Hardcore's" being the main focus of game companies today but when we get our games we remember what you guys did for us. Now you guys are the ones whinging about the "Casual Gamers" ruining gaming like we did when you first came into gaming. Their money will do to your games what your money did to our games. Also they are spending more money then us on their games thanks to micro transaction so more money for the industry is coming from them now, *psst* don't tell them!

Also I only found out about Golden Age Gamers a short while ago and I'm shocked I never knew about it. So the groups are Golden Age, Hardcore and Casual if you like the segregation.

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