Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review : Dissidia 012(Duodecim) Final Fantasy

Ok before I jump on the review of this game I'll give you a short review of Dissidia 012(Duodecim) Final Fantasy: Prologus. It's a pay for demo with a 10 minute story that is irrelevant and an arcade mode. It's only worth it for the sake of having Aerith as a support character in the proper game and unlockable items to transfer to the proper game. Don't bother downloading it unless you're a super fan.

Ok now that that's out of the way onto the proper review. Oh an one other thing, I picked up Dead Space 2 but I'm not sure if I should review it since I review new games withing a fortnight of it's release. Tell me if you want a review on it. Ok now for the review.

Well let me start with saying if anyone tells you this isn't a rehash, they are wrong... for the most part. The games story... new story I should say is centred around the 6 new main characters Laguna, Yuna, Kain, Vaan, Tifa and Lightning and their travels to stop the Manikins and fight the forces of Chaos. They also added the original story from the first Dissidia so you can see where the rehash comes in now. The story has been called bad fan fiction and preaching friendship way too much... unfortunately they are right, this mind you is from a Final Fantasy fanboy. The story mode has you traveling on an overworld map to go through gates that take you to the battle boards you may remember from the last one.

Gameplay is exactly the same as the last one with a couple of new features. It's a fighting game that plays like an action game and can be played like a RPG but is really crappy in that mode. The combat plays the same as the last one with some new additions. The new additions to the games combat are the assist character ability where you can call another character to attack your opponent and EX revenge where you can use the EX gauge when attacked to slow down time to barrage the opponent with attacks. Also the camera still doesn't play fair in closed spaces.

The game modes in this game are pretty much the same as the last one. Duel Colosseum has been replaced with Labyrinth mode which is the same only you don't keep what you collect in there. Story mode as mentioned above has a new story and all the story from the last one. Arcade mode and Quick match aka 1 on 1 are back and a new party battle mode where you choose a team of characters to fight another team in tournament or round robin style.

A new creation mode has been added so fan fiction writers can make a small quest with story to amuse themselves and share with others. This mode isn't very interesting in my opinion but I'm sure some people can get some fun out of it. Also it's a long and grueling process to make anything there.

Wireless battles are pretty much the same as the last one as well and still no online fighting. You can now play against 10 people but honestly, where are you going to find 9 other people with a copy of the game to play against outside of a convention like Comic Con or Supanova? You can still save peoples friend card to battle ghost so at least you can practice against it for your next bout with them.

One other thing, You can transfer your data from the original Dissidia Final Fantasy to this one but all it does is transfer compatible unlocked content and all the levels you obtained carry over. I recommend doing so if you don't want to spend forever unlocking content. Trust me it'll save hours of work and give you more time to try the new characters.

Pretty much Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy is a rehash covered in new content designed to distract you from this fact. What little is new isn't as big of a wow as we'd want and even though the new characters are great to use, a whole new game for them is a bad idea. Dispite all my complaints the game actually is good. Combats solid, story mode gives you plenty to do and just like the last one you can spend over 100 hours in the game and not really notice you did. Some might say that more of the same is a bad thing but not in this games case. Dissidia 012 is the Super Street Fighter IV of Final Fantasy. I'm still having fun with it at the moment. I give it a 4/5 because it's a good, fun game regardless of how much was recycled.

Score 4/5

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