Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crazy thought, Video Game ISP from the console companies!

Ok before I get chewed out by people for this radically crazy idea I'd like people to remember I'm not crazy... I've been tested. This is an idea I came up with a while ago while getting chewed out for lagging an online game because I'm Australian and the ping rate between Australia and America is pathetic.

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft. Here's my proposed idea. Create your own exclusive internet connection that is worldwide and subscription based. Make it a lag free connection that even if you are on 1 side of the world and your playing with people on the other side of the world. Keep your current services you have but make it a separate but interconnected service so people choose their preferred service and price it reasonably. My full idea will be detailed properly below using Microsoft as my main target because they seem like the ones who could benefit the most with the least costs. Sony, Nintendo you can use the model I make too but it's easier for me to explain using Microsoft.

Ok my idea is either a 4G modem that has a proprietary connection or coding that only allows Xbox consoles to connect to it(preference) or a proper telecommunication service. Configure it so there is no lag between anyone on any game if they connect with other people using the same service. The device or connection can only work with the Xbox and nothing else and is dedicated to the Xbox Live service.

When it comes to the online play my lag free idea is that the service is configured so that only those who have the service can get the lag free play regardless of game they play and have an update to all the online games that has a search option specifically for people on the lag free service. Also allow you to still play with normal internet service users. Reason for this idea is because of people who use there internet while playing game who lag out matches with extreme bandwidth strangulation.

Now here's the part that gets a little annoying for the company but hear me out. Charge a subscription fee that is a little higher then normal Xbox Live for it and using the Australian cost as the example AU$89.95 for a year(current XBL cost here is AU$79.95 per year) , don't meter people and encourage people to jump on the service with discounts on the XBL content eg. 1200MS content for 1000MS. My idea for the service name is Xbox Live Premium. Sell the modem for AU$149.95 or installation for a dedicated telecom service at whatever a phone connection costs.

So what do you think? How many people like the idea of lag free console company run ISP specifically for online video game services? I give this idea to the console companies now to consider and iron out by the time the new console come out and all I ask is a discounted version of the services in exchange for the idea at like 40% or something. I'm not a very greedy person but am compassionate about my gaming. Also sorry Sony and Nintendo for using Microsoft as my model for it, as I said it's easier to use them for it but still consider the idea.

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