Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 2011 Microsoft Press Conference

Ok just watched it via Gamespot since G4TV's website blocked me access since I'm for Australia. Here's my impressions on the event written as I saw them.

- Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3... whoopty do! More of the same. Once again they get the DLC first.

- Tomb Raider - Quick time events... and it seems to be like Uncharted on first appearance with Resident Evil style quick time events. Looks good so far. No combat though in the demo.

- EA making Kinect supported games.

- Mass Effect 3 to support Kinect with voice recognition for dialog options as well as battle commands.

- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier... again whoopty do! Kinect support with motion and voice controls. Intrigued but don't care personally. All future Tom Clancy game will use Kinect controls.

- More fluid Xbox Kinect voice command usage for normal navigation and YouTube will be on XBL. Bing is also on XBL for finding content which is actually a good idea. XBL TV, don't care I use mine for games.

- UFC on XBL... so?

- Gears Of War 3... yeah... more of the same.

- New Crytek game exclusive to Xbox 360. It uses Kinect. It's called Ryse.

- HALO Anniversary! Holy Crap! With 7 classic maps for online multiplayer. See you there!

- Forza 4 looks visually good but I'm not big on racers.

- Fable The Journey. Whoopty do! Uses Kinect controls. Don't care.

- Holy Crap! Minecraft on Xbox 360. It also uses Kinect controls.

- Kinect Disneyland Adventures... ehh... My nephew would love it.

- Kinect Star Wars... I don't care but looks interesting. It's a on rails action game. I'm not fond of the Star Wars license outside of the original trilogy of movies.

- Sesame Street: Once upon a monster for Kinnect... made by Double Fine... confused... really confused. Casual and kids focused game to the extreme.

- Kinect Fun Labs. You get to try new innovations with the Kinect. Kinect Me allows the Kinect to make avatars look more like yourself. Finger tracking with Kinect allows you to draw with it in a 3D space. Googly Eyes finally allows you to scan objects. Kinect Labs is available now.

- Kinect Sports Season 2... still don't care but that's me. Uses new and better full body gestures and voice commands.

- Dance Central 2. All the music from the first one can be imported and it has over 100 songs and a new and improved "Break it down" mode. Still the only Kinect game I'm interested in.

- Halo 4! Start of a new Xbox 360 Halo trilogy!

Well that's my thoughts as the event unfolded. As you can see it's Kinect all the way and a couple of games the fanboys will care heaps about. Personally Halo and Minecraft are the ones I care most about, maybe Tomb Raider once I see gameplay with combat.

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