Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference

I have extremely mixed feelings about Nintendo's press conference. While I'm over the moon with the 3DS games for the most part, the Wii U line up screams the "Hardcore" focus to an embarrassing degree. Extremely disappointed at the Wii U controller design as well. Here's my responses to the announcements.

- Legend Of Zelda's for all consoles! Link's Awakening on eShop available today for 3DS, Ocarina Of Time on 3DS, 4 Swords on DSI Ware and Skyward Sword around Christmas. Exclusive gold Wiimote to be released as well. Also for those who register their OOT on Club Nintendo you can get OOT soundtrack.

- Mario Kart 3DS... finally getting a release. Ok. Customising seems cool.

- Starfox 64 3DS. Cool. Uses it's motion controls as expected. September release.

- Super Mario 3D. Awesome! Seriously awesome! TANOOKI MARIO! MUST BUY!

- Kid Icarus. Cool. Does seem pretty good too. Playing AR cards that fight.

- Luigi's Mansion 2. Cool I guess.

- Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D, Mario & Sonic At the Olympics: London 2012, Ace Combat 3D, Cave Story 3D, Tetris, Resident Evil Revelations, Driver Renegade, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions,
Tekken 3D, Metal Gear Snake Eater 3D announced. Impressive list.

- New firmware update will have an enhanced web browser. Also the 3DS getting it's own Virtual Console.

- Pokedex 3D encourages Street Passing to finish it. Ok...

- The new console is called Wii U. New controller looks like half a 3DS. The controller is the screen if you want! It's a touch screen you can use a stylus on and it's a motion controller. Will use Wii accessories. The controller has a camera. It can be used for lots of uses. The controller can work with the games using it's touch screen and it can also be played with on it's own. The Wii U controller seems like the PS Vita in essence.

- New Smash Bros that works with Both Wii U and 3DS and work together in some way. Cool.

- Lego City Stories for Wii U and 3DS. Not big on Lego games.

- Darksiders 2 for Wii U. Cool but buying PS3 version.

- Dirt for Wii U. meh..

- Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U. Meh again.

- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online for Wii U... meh...

- Metro Last Light for Wii U... more meh

- Tekken for Wii U. Awesomeness.

- Ninja Gaiden 3 for Wii U. Ok that's cool.

Wii U is a name I can get behind but it's controller is to big and ugly looking! Seriously the controller looks like it's roughly 10 inches in size. Way to big for most of the casual demo graphic and the positioning of the buttons and analog nubs is badly chosen, also analog nubs? Why? What happened to analog sticks? I know the odds of them change it is about the same as proving Gods exists scientifically but it's... so... horribly designed! UGLY! Also the line up the showed that's coming to it are probably not going to give a crap if it's on a Nintendo console so why the focus on them? Well next E3 will iron out some details and clear up some of the fog around Wii U so I won't be angry at the console... just it's UGLY controller.

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