Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 2011 Sony Press Conference

Ok this one definitely had me all over the place. Seriously lots of stuff announced some good, some bad... like the NGPs official name being PlayStation Vita... Vita? Man that's a sucky name! anyway her's my play by play.

- They apologised and told us about the PSN's available content. Ok obvious start.

- Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Looks really good... as expected. It's also 3D

- Resistance 3. Looks so much better then the last 2. I'll probably just borrow it of my mate when he gets it. Also thought I heard Crispin Freeman's voice in it.

- PSP God Of Wars are coming in HD and 3D as well as Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus... awesome!

- A PlayStation branded TV that has 3D and it's 24 inches with 2 person split 3D. Comes with 3D glasses, 6m HDMI and Resistance 3. Kinda cool I suppose.

- NBA 2K12. Now uses PS Move and I still don't care.

- Medieval Moves: Dead Mans Quest. An interesting use of the PS Move but don't care.

- InFamous 2. I am curious why they showed it since it comes out this week.

- LittleBigPlanet 2 to get an update for PS Move to make Move focused stages.

- Starhawk. So not caring about it. A space shooter... again with these things.

- OH MY GOD SLY RACCOON 4 Thieves In Time! I think I peed a little! AWESOME! SO DAMN AWESOME! So happy!

- Dust 514. Another damn shooter. E3 seems to just be casual games and shooters. Bloody hell. Uses Move.

- Bioshock Infinite. How much longer do I have to wait for this? Such a torturous wait! It uses PS Move. That's kinda cool. Will include the first Bioshock on the same disc. Cool.

- A Bioshock universe game for NGP. Interesting...

- Saint Row 3 will use Move and a Star Trek game as well. Meh.

- SSX. Yeah again? Exclusive PS3 stage.

- Need For Speed: The Run will be on PS3 with exclusive cars.

- Battlefield 3 will get Battlefield 1943 on the same disc for PS3.

- PlayStation Suite info again. Selling PS experiences on smart phones. Meh.

- NGP is officially PlayStation Vita. Man what a sucky name. I'm still calling it NGP! I don't care! 3G confirmed for it. They are using AT&T in the US for it... sucked in! Sorry about that. It's uses chat rooms for talking online with friends. Near is another part of it's online stuff.

- Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita(blech!). Looks good visually. Touch screen melee attacks... dumb, movement for platforming and traversing, dumb. Still uses normal controls so that's a plus.

- Ruin. It works between PS3 and PS Vita(blech!). Looks like Diablo. Action combat looks like you'd expect. Meh.

- ModNation Racers for PS Vita(blech!). It's not a port apparently. Has a touch focus for the editor and uses both the back and front touch controls. Meh, I had fun with the PS3 version and don't think I'll bother with another.

- Wipeout 2043 to be released with PS Vita(hate that name soooo much!)

- LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita(NGP). Touch controls... meh. I like LittleBig Planet but I'm not sold on touch controls.

- Streetfighter X Tekken. There's going to be a NGP version of it. Cole McGrath to be playable in the game on PS3 and PS Vita.

- PS Vita same price as 3DS for Wifi and the 3G is US$50 more expensive. Will release holiday season. I'll wait to be honest.

Still hate the name of the NGP but hey, Sly Raccoon 4! Best game reveal of E3 until tomorrow. I am so hoping Nintendo tomorrow announces Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword for new console. We'll see if Nintendo will out do it's competitors tomorrow. Can't wait!

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