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Review: Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

Ok let me save you time here if you don't like reading reviews that are long because this one may be pretty long. Perfect score, must buy, wait until more 3DS games worth owning to come out to buy a 3DS if you don't own one. Ok? Ok now lets do this. *cracks fingers*

Let me get personal to start with. I played Ocarina Of Time for the first time when it came out in 1998 and I was 13. A time in my life where this game helped me emotionally at a time where I needed it most. The touching story and hidden message of the game really effected me in a way that's indescribable. If you play/played the game around the ages of 10-18 you may get the same kind of effect. The game was almost too perfectly released when you consider how old generation NES were. The funny thing is 13 years later, the game is still as good as ever and somehow they improved on perfection.

If you haven't played Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time first off you have my deepest condolences. Second, Why haven't you? It's on Wii Virtual Console and it was re-released on Gamecube with Windwaker and at one point you could buy a Gamecube with a Zelda Collection which has the 2 NES and 2 N64 games on one disc. Anyway now is your chance on 3DS.

The story of Ocarina Of Time is about a boy who has been chosen by destiny to save the land of Hyrule from Ganondorf/Ganon and he even has to travel through time to do so. I would give out more detail but you need to experience it for yourself.

The game is a 3D action adventure dungeon crawler. You know the routine by now right? If you played a game like Dragon Age or Darksiders then you get the idea... mainly because they are trying to copy this game sure Dragon Age is a more personalised experience but it's a dungeon crawler regardless. The controls and gameplay are simple and the game does a fantastic job teaching you how to play it. Speaking of teaching they added tutorial videos you can watch via a Sheikah Stone which are located right outside Link's house in Kokiri Village and in the Temple of Time. The videos are designed to help people who are stuck in a dungeon. These are well done but even when I was 13 and this being my first Zelda game, I never had a problem solving the puzzles.

The game has 3 dungeons as a child and 5 as an adult and a few mini dungeons. The level designs of the dungeons are designed so well that the seem to fit the architecture of the outer structure of the dungeons. The world is also large and beautifully designed from the Kokiri Forest all the way to Lake Hylia. Basically it looks good, especially with the graphical upgrade they did.

Speaking of the graphics they really did a great job on the visual upgrade. The new textures make everything look more vivid and the characters more alive. One strange thing about the graphics is that without the 3D it looks a little smudged. I'm serious here, the 3D seems to also be an unintentional HD switch(does the 3DS even do HD?) and makes everything sharper. The 3D surprisingly doesn't feel out of place and actually helps make the world feel more real and you feel more immersed... as long as you don't lose the sweet spot.

Some of the new features brought to this version other then 3D are motion controls for the camera and aiming with some of the weapons. I must warn you that you can lose the sweet spot really easy with the motion controls and on top of that they will interfere with using the thumb pad for aiming so I recommend turning it off if you prefer aiming with the thumb pad.

As mention before the Sheikah stones give tutorial videos for newcomers needing help. There's also the Boss challenge mode where you can re-fight bosses with limited health and items. I don't really like this mode because it's not very challenging for me.

They also brought Master's Quest back but I honestly don't remember it being mirrored. This mode is great for veterans, especially those who know the original game back to front and don't need a playguide to complete the game *stands proudly knowing where every heart piece and gold skulltula is*. Unfortunately you need to finish the normal game to unlock Master's Quest but is that really a bad thing?

I also have to mention because this is an important improvement, the Iron and Hover Boots are now used like every other item! Yes you and equip them like in Windwaker and Twilight Princess! Trust me this is a great improvement because it reduces the frustration of the Water Temple.

As I said the game gets a perfect score. The original game was one of the best, if not the best game ever made and then they improved on it. Whether you're a newcomer or a returning veteran, the game will not disappoint. It really is the reason to own a 3DS. I enjoyed every minute playing the game and I'm sure everyone else will too. I also played the whole game in 3D and even though I played for a 7 hour play session, my eyes were still fine

Score 5/5

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