Friday, July 8, 2011

My thoughts on how the next gen consoles should be done.

Man it's been a while since I did a non review post. This time I'm going to talk about what I'd like to see and would do with the next console iterations. I think I'll start with Microsoft.

Ok first off don't release a new console until 2014 the earliest, why? Because you got some serious work to do.

-First of either use a 1GB graphics card or use 2 graphics cards.

-Use a multi core processor, preferable quad or sextuple and have at least 4 GB ram but I'd say go with 8GB.

-HD is a no brainer. Here's the part that will help you in terms of fighting piracy, use proprietary HD DVDs for the games and use 16GB discs. Keep the reverse compatibility for all Xbox 360 games and even have the ability to transfer the save data and DLC from 360 to the new console.

-Give it a minimum HDD of 120GB but go with 250GB, that's a nice size, heck why not just do a HDD that's exactly the same as the 360 and be able to just plug your 360 HDD in and download an update for the new interface and what not.

-Now for the reason you should wait, allow cloud save data for XBL Gold subscribers and even allow an option for XBLA games to be played via the cloud. We all know the cloud is inevitable but it need to be experimented with and implemented in small abouts like in my examples.

-Use all the accessories from the 360 so you don't need to redesign or make peoples lives more miserable and bundle it with 2 controllers and a Kinect.

-Keep the disc draw drive design. I like having the draw and it's your advantage against both the Wii U, Wii and PS3. I bet I'm not the only one who agrees.

-I can't stress this enough and it will reduce piracy as well. MAKE IT REGION FREE! All region locking does it piss people of and gives them an excuse to pirate a game if it isn't released in there region. This is why console modding is popular in Australia and Europe.

-Make the XBL marketplace region free. This is a great idea, trust me!

-Sell actual disc games via XBL Marketplace that get mailed to the customer and give bonus MS Points to people who preorder via my idea of the XBL Retail Marketplace.

-Be able to buy stuff via PayPal! Seriously this should actually be done now!

-Put in a proper Windows Live messenger that uses Kinect! This will make a lot of people happy! Also proper Facebook and Twitter integration you can update while playing games. Again this will make a lot of people happy!

As for Sony with your inevitable PlayStation 4 again wait until 2014 to release it at the earliest and most of what I recommend for Microsoft should be taken but I'll repeat it anyway.

- Multi core processor, 4 core minimum, 6 core preference

- 1GB graphics card or 2 graphics cards

- 4GB ram minimum, 8GB recommended

- Reverse compatibility for all PlayStation 1,2 and 3 games... and I mean all not some!

- Minimum HDD 120GB, 250GB preferred

- Keep the Blurays as they are but offer developers the 50GB, especially JRPG developers like Square-Enix, Mistwalker, NIS, IF, Compile Heart, Gust, etc

- Keep the region free, I love that about you guys and it's was your ace in the hole with this console generation and make the PlayStation Store region free too. I hate how the US gets games I want and can't get like Parasite Eve for example!

- Offer cloud storage for PSN users but have unlimited cloud saves for PSN plus subscribers

- Use all the PlayStation 3's accessories and bundle the console with a controller and a full PS Move kit, you know PS wand/remote, camera and navigation controller.

- Remove the PSN Pass! I know you're scared of second hand sales but here's what you, Nintendo and Microsoft can do to battle it... DON'T SUPPLY SHOPS THAT SELL SECOND HAND GAMES RELEASED WITHIN 12 MONTHS OF IT'S RELEASE! Seriously if they don't have new games to sell, they will think twice about screwing you over with second hand games. Still allow them to sell used games but not games release within a 12 month period for example if they sell Resistance 3 used before a year has passed, stop sending them stock for 60 days the first offence 90 days for the second and never again for a third offence. It's time you fought back against there pockets!

- Allow people to buy retail games that get mailed to the customer via the PS Store.

- Allow people to pay for stuff via PayPal! This should have been done by now!

- Proper Facebook and Twitter integration that can be updated while playing games.


So yeah... will the companies take my advice... probably not but if they do the next generation of console my actually be a great one... maybe...

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