Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Oh my god... I am so damn exhausted with Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 right now... by which I mean I've put in 76 hours into this game and I need sleep! Yeah I actually am a person who enjoys the Warriors series of games but does putting 76 hours into this game mean it's good? Well either check the score(for those with no time or patience) or read on to find out.

Ok the story for this game is annoying! I mean it's annoying to the point I started skipping text without reading it. Why? Because it's so damn bland. The story has all the characters in the game stuck on a world that's a spliced mix of their universes(well the Universal Century series at least[if you don't know what that is then I suggest looking it up]) and they are fighting one another to find a way home while unbeknownst to them the true reason for there gathering is hidden from them by a mysterious mobile suit. Then there's the replaying the TV series stories in condensed versions. So chances are you'll end up skipping the text portions of the story just to get back to the action.

The game plays just like every other Warriors game(except Fist of The North Star, that is slow and a little different) so it wont be too hard to jump in, plus when you start you are forced into a tutorial so even newcomers aren't left in the dark. Control are mapped to the entire controller with no button unmapped. The usual Warriors combat is used here and if you've played as many as I have you'll notice that the fighting styles each mobile suit has is the same as a previously seen character from either Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors with some tweaks to remind you that it is a Gundam game, which means shooting and different charge attacks. Interestingly you'd be surprised to here that over 100 enemies appear onscreen at one time. Also the giant mobile suits return... well some of them.

The game is mission based like all Warriors games and this game has a ton of them. The missions are all the same this time with no real variation so they can get really boring, really fast... or at least for most. To try and mix it up they added strategic points to take over instead of just territories... ok it's still taking territories but now they actually do something other then spawn enemies. The strategic points are basically bases(which your teammates and enemies spawn from), catapults(launches you to a designated part of the field), repair warehouses(restores the battle gauge, will elaborate later)... and the list goes on. I just can't be bothered adding them all but they can effect the tide of battle to a minut degree. Look every mission is just "Kill boss, don't die!".

The game's mission may not have any variations but the path to get there is a little different to the other games in the Warriors series. The game forces you to deplete a 'Battle Gauge' to actually make the boss appear and to do so requires you to kill ace pilots and take fields until it's empty. The battle gauge is a strange thing though, it actually allows ace pilots to respawn after being destroyed until it's depleted... even you can respawn if the gauge isn't empty, but it depletes a lot of the gauge when you do respawn.

There's about 120 mobile suits and characters... or at least that's what the box says and most of them are Gundams this time around. Here's the catch though, you have to unlock characters to get the good mobile suits and find plans to make better versions of them that can be upgraded a certain amount of times and for everyone to use them you need to use them 5 times with the original owners. Then there's the 3 special mobile suits that require unlocking through specific missions... ugh! Yes it's tedious... it really is. Unlocking characters is also a pain since you need to complete missions to unlock the opportunity to become friends and then build a friendship with them by fighting alone side them and then complete a mission to max out the friendship... ugh!

The game has multiplayer up to 4 players online and you can play the majority of mission in local 2 player, but back to online multiplayer.It's co operative multiplayer... *the sounds computers around the world going back a page or closing web browser windows* so no competitive matches or pressure. There are 15 online missions and they are the same as offline missions but with up to 4 players and with lag in most matches.

Look, I'm sure you've already made your decision just by the title of the game itself but my opinion, it's not worth buying unless your a fan of Gundam and or a fan of the Warriors series. Be warned it can get boring unless you're dedicated. It's not that bad of a game... but not that good either. Seriously unless a fan of either franchise, you are wasting money. I personally like the game but I like these games and there are a fair few people who like Warriors games. But yeah even this was taxing on me. 2/5 is my score but that's not for fans, just for everyone else. If you are a fan then just go buy it if you like Gundams.

Score 2/5

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