Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

I can honestly say I never expected to say these words but Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is no longer the best Legend Of Zelda game. I know it's hard to believe but somehow Skyward Sword managed to take the crown, even with it's motion control stuff ups. Yes I'm giving it a perfect score so those who only look for score can piss off because I can't stand people like you. Anyway I finished it on my birthday of all days so happy birthday to me and a review for you.

The story of Skyward Sword it a deep narrative that is the start of the Legend OF Zelda series and chronicles the origins of those bound by fate, the creation and purpose of the Master Sword and the Triforce. I would tell you the details of the story but just buy a Wii since most of you got rid of yours, play the game like you all should and enjoy it like those who never gave up on Nintendo.

The game plays like Twilight Princess but with more precise and finicky controls. Links sword will swing in one on 8 directions pre programed depending on where you hold the Wiimote and you can trust thanks to the Wii Motion Plus. All the tools Link earns are designed to use the motion controls and you'd be surprise how well the majority work. Links tools range from classics like the bombs, bow and slingshot an new ones that are useless for combat like the beetle, whip and a bug net. There are others but I'm going to try and keep it as spoiler free as possible.

The game has a heavy focus on it's motion controls and the Wii Motion Plus usually works but be warned that it can stuff up when using items and requires to be recentered frequently. It can be frustration sometimes but it doesn't always happen if you don't fidget too much and remember that the game doesn't use the sensor bar at all.

Combat in the game can be done in 2 ways, flail the remote and hope for the best or patiently wait to see how the enemy is holding their weapon and hit them in the open spot and a third method that takes some skill and is how I approached combat for the most part(other then flailing like crazy) is wait for the enemy to attack and shield block the attack to leave them open and flail like crazy!

The game also brings another companion to the Zelda table named Fi, the spirit or A.I. of the sword you wield. She essentially does everything Navi did but doesn't bug you every 3 seconds with garbage. She also has a robotic voice and personally that never grow on you. Along with Fi to help you a gossip stone in Skyloft is also there to help you with hints to get through sections of the game if you need help and if this is your first Legend Of Zelda, you'll most likely need the help of the gossip stone often to continue on if you get stuck.

The game has 2 main worlds and is set up with a central hub town called Skyloft where you'll keep going back to with 3 locations to visit plus lots of little islands in the sky to visit. To get to these locations you have to fly on your bird called a loftwing. The islands you can fly to are useless to visit until later in the game so I suggest wait until some reason comes by to visit the little islands.

There are 7 dungeons in the game and a lot of retreading the 3 locations. Each dungeon is a bit smaller the previous Legend Of Zelda games but the areas that the dungeons are in make the trip to each bigger. Speaking of bigger the game feels really big but constrained at the same time because the sections of the world are separate to each other. The 6 main dungeons follow the old Zelda formula while the 7th is just a big puzzle. One thing that's good is the compasses have been removed because now the map shows you where the chest are and the compass function of keeping track of where you came from is there naturally.

Saving in the game is handled a little differently to other Zelda games and is similar to Majora's Mask since you use bird statues. You also use these statues to return to the sky or exit a dungeon when you need to leave for some reason. You'll also need to examine every statue if you want them marked on the map so you can land at that location from the sky for the main areas.

Like most Zelda games it has mini games and they all use motion controls... so they are annoying to play but some need to be done for heart pieces. Speaking of hearts there are less hearts to earn in the game now thanks to a new thing called the Adventurer's Pouch which stores items like medal to enhance stuff include your maximum hearts, your shield, bottles and extra bags for ammo.

The boss battles in the game are also some of the best in the series and usually require some skilled swordplay that forces you to stop flailing and start playing right. Like normal they have weak spots to hit to do damage and are satisfying to complete, especially against Ghirahim( the new character who looks like an albino emo. There is also a boss rush mini game for those who want to challenge themselves and earn a couple of essential items to help in the game but it gets unlocked late in the game.

Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword has the best story in the franchise and has such a beautiful music score and art style. Even with motion controls and having to continually recenter the damn thing it still 50 hours of fun and if that isn't enough they added a new mode called Hero mode that allows you to replay the game in a harder difficulty that requires serious skill to play and you get too keep all the treasures you found in your previous play so you can upgrade earlier.

Is this game good? No... it's EXCELLENT! It's fun, has beautiful music, looks great for a Wii game and has 50 hours of gameplay for the first playthrough. This is the best game on Wii and the best Legend Of Zelda game released to date. If it's the last game to be released on the Wii from Nintendo other then Kirby's Adventure, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower then at least it's going out on a high note. I recommend buying this game because it's the best game this year in my opinion and doesn't disappoint.

Score 5/5

Also it's the 25th Anniversary of the Legend Of Zelda so Happy 25th Anniversary Legend Of Zelda!

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