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Review: Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations
Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PC 3DS
ACB: MA15+
Another Wii U review? Are you mental? No I'm not, I just like the Wii U and this version is almost identical to the 3DS version so it made sense to me! I never got to play this on 3DS version so I'm glad this HD reskin was made. Any who, lets get this review on the road.

The story of Resident Evil Revelations is set between Resident Evil's 4 and 5, so it's a prequel... sequel... whatever! You mostly play as Jill with some guy named Parker searching the cruise ship Queen Zenobia for fellow BSAA agent Chris Redfield and info on the terrorist group Veltro, Chris is teamed with a woman named Jessica looking for Jill & searching for Veltro and 2 guys who shouldn't really be out in the field named Quint and Keith doing guess what? Looking for info on Veltro. There's drama about with betrayal, conspiracy and loss. All that's missing is a pregnancy and a love triangle. Well... that's Resident Evil for you!

Game plays just like Resident Evil 5 for the most part with a dedicated healing and grenade button. Wii U has most of the stuff mapped to the touchscreen just like the 3DS(I have seen reviews for it and screenshots). The game has adopted Resident Evil 3's dodge mechanic and it's as finicky as ever! You can choose a classic and shooter style control scheme to suit you but I prefer the classic because of familiarity. Another thing, the lack of a laser pointer SUCKS! Sure a crosshair is more "accurate" but at least with a laser, I know if it's on the target properly or not!

The gamepad for the game does feel a little awkward at first to use because of it's size, but you soon forget about it. As mentioned before it's touchscreen mirrors everything the 3DS one does and that means bigger map, a touchscreen unlocking mini game and items that can be quick selected from it. If you're crazy, you can just have the touchscreen mirror the TV and lose the bigger map and touch controls or just use a Pro Controller and convince yourself that the AU$70 you wasted on it was a worth while purchase. You can play off the TV if you'd like but if you are, it's not worth it in my opinion.

Resident Evil Revelations has a bit in common with Resident Evil 4. Visually it's on par with the HD upgrade of Resident Evil 4 and the atmosphere is a lot like it and the older Resident Evil's too.When using the classic controls you're anchored to the ground... unless you hold the strafe button but forget that exists if you want a more survival oriented experience. I think they really nailed the atmosphere in the game to be honest.

The game is split up into 12 episodes, each with parts where you switch to different teams and moments in the story. A new feature they added has the game recap what's happened in the previous episode every time you load a game or start the next episode so you never get lost in the story. As you'd expect... it's cheesy. Kinda like Days Of Our Lives crossed with Dragon ball Z, but with mutant zombie things.

Like more modern Resident Evil games, the guns can be customized. Instead of using cash, you find upgrade parts throughout the game. Each gun can only hold a certain amount of parts and some will only work with specific types of gun. You also only carry a small amount of ammo for each gun but ammo capacity upgrades can be found throughout the game and they are a welcome find, trust me!

The game has a unique item though. It's called a Genesis scanner. "What does it do?" you may ask, well it's a scanner... duh! Well, it can be used to scan the environment for hidden items and is extremely useful when low on ammo and you can scan enemies to fill a % gauge to earn healing herbs. You can also use it to find hand prints for an achievement... oh yeah, this game even on Wii U has achievements... yuck!

The enemies in the game all kinda look alike for the most part with slight differences with the exception of Hunters and zombie wolves. The enemies are kinda grey versions of the creatures you'd expect to see in Silent Hill and are always swaying about, no a bad thing but it can get annoying considering the low ammo you have throughout the game. The boss type monsters are some serious bullet sponges though, one even plays Nemesis with you and keeps coming back.

The story mode will last roughly 12 hours and like in newer Resident Evil games, it sports a New Game+ mode where all your upgrades and guns carry over to the next playthrough as well as any unlocked from achievements. Yeah... talk about backing you into a corner with those huh?

The crown jewel of the game, surprisingly is Raid mode. In this mode, you select a character and play through parts of the game you've played in the story mode but with the goal of earning BP to buy stuff and exp to level up... yeah, big online focus there. Raid mode is playable both online and solo offline. I wouldn't recommend playing it offline because it's hard solo and the extra gun/meat shield comes in handy. As you run through each gauntlet of a stage, you'll find ammo, health and upgrades like in the story mode but here's the sucky part... your ammo and herbs carry over! Yep, you'll need to restock between stages when low on ammo just to survive... which happens a lot!

Raid mode does have a shop to buy weapons, herbs, upgrades, expanded weapons storage and capacity upgrades. Funny thing about the shop, the items change each time you visit. The currency used is BP, which I assume means Battle Points. How do you earn BP? By playing the game... seriously you just play the game and you earn it in story and Raid mode. The amount earned is dependant on your results, medals shot/collected and extra points earned by killing certain enemies or with the Metal Detector upgrade.

While playing Raid mode online I hardly had any lag surprisingly from the Nintendo Network or games that have been disconnected. Another thing, don't cycle through the shop when playing online since it annoys the other players and the may boot you from the game because of it. I love this little feature when playing online, you can use the inbuilt mic on the gamepad to communicate with other players instead of shelling out extra money on a headset. If you do decide to use it I recommend using a set of headphones so you can hear them clearer , even though the sound can be heard from the gamepad's speakers.

So... worth your time? At AU$60, most definitely! I'd say any version, even the 3DS one is worth it. Just get the version for the console you have but I recommend the Wii U version for a more original experience or the 3DS version because it was the original. I also forgot about the buttons that were mapped because using the touchscreen was so intuitive for me. It's more of a Resident Evil game then both Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6 and shouldn't be missed if you're a diehard Resident Evil fan. I love this game more then Resident Evil's 5, 6 and Operation Raccoon City put together... but still not as much as Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition.

Score 4/5

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