Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Xbone'd or PS4get about it? E3 2013

Note: I am not a Sony
or Microsoft fanboy,
Nintendo fanboy... I'm 27
until Nov 29!
Yay! E3 2013! Traffic! Xbox One! PlayStation 4! Work.. oh crap!(Although I'm independent so that's more my fault) I have to write an article about them... wait...I'm doing that now... got to learn to stop writing what I'm thinking.... hmmm... marzipan! Wait! Stop it brain! Ahem... so let's take a look at the consoles, types of games and which should be under the Christmas tree(*cough* Wii U *cough*) and what I like most about them.

Xbone first, just like it's press conference. As most of you know and have been vocal about, the Xbox One has a whole mess of useless features gamers don't really care about and some that the modern bred gamer(that's PlayStation 2 or Xbox origin gamers) will use and abuse(like they do to the people they play Call Of Duty with). So what's so special about the Xbox One?
This is the Xbox One... and it's
watching you!

I'm not going into tech specs for the consoles here, that's what Wikipedia is for. The Xbox One looks like an 80's VCR and is a jack of all trades, master of none! It's Kinect is a surveillance device that is always watching and listening but works better than the last one... but gamers don't care. The DRM forces you to have an internet connection so the Xbone can call it's mum to say it's not being molested by the scary fat man and if you don't, it's chastity belt engages and you go play another console while Telstra fixes the internet... 3 months later since you can't play games on it!(Telstra is a shit communications company in Australia and the biggest. The 3 month disaster happened to me) The thing is also region locked, can't play Xbox 360 games, has a blu ray drive, wants to be your smart TV and so on. But what about the games?

Oooo, the... games? Oh god... the games... uhh! Outside of the usual suspects(Shooters, Ho! and Forza) which dominated the show, there were a couple that are worth mentioning. Killer Instinct is back... but it's adopting a future Capcom model(give them half the chance and Street Fighter V will only have E. Honda and buy the others for AU$7 each!) of Free to Play, but only 1 character you can use and buy the rest. I mean it's been like 15 years and you bring Killer Instinct back just to kill the instinct of nostalgia by butchering it and Rare not working on it is not cool. Then there's Project Spark which seems like a game I'd enjoy if I could make a turn based RPG with it... but that will probably be out of it's abilities.There were some others but regardless, the mantastic line up of E3 was more for 14-24 year old gamers then it was for more diverse gamers like myself.

What do I like about Xbox One? Nothing really. It's more or less a PC with some games that you can't get on PC. Sorry but this is coming from a person who only bought an Xbox 360 for Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

So... Xbox One, is it Xbone'd? Not really if your a fanboy but for everyone else, not at that asking price! AU$599.95 is too much for the Xbone with all of it's issues, so I'd say wait for a price drop or they release 5 exclusive games you want as a minimum.

PlayStation 4? What can I say, wow! You could say... Sony was out for blood against Microsoft. They really went all out to said "Up yours! We like making money!" to Microsoft without using those words. But how did they do it?
This is the PlayStation 4 and man,
Well we got to see the rhombus shaped console that's ugly and is as big as the first Xbox. Unlike Xbone it has no DRM and plays used games, so budget gamers can still game on it. Only flaws are no backwards compatibility and you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play games online. Oh and like the PS3... it's region free! Japanese imports anyone?

The games, oh my god the GAMES! There are tons! Seriously, so many exclusives like InFamous: Second Son and Knack, to exclusive content deals with Destiny and Diablo 3. On top of that PS Vita(yes it exists!) can be used as a Wii U gamepad for offscreen(remote play as they put it) gaming. Sony also got a lot of indie devs on board(thanks to letting them self publish) so even the downloadable scene looks promising and isn't reliant on Minecraft like Xbox One is! Diversity is Sony's biggest attribute once again and we thank them for it... especially JRPG fans!

What do I like about PS4? Everything I liked about other PlayStation consoles, Diversity of games! Having a console with games for any gamer is always best and being region free even allows regional border to not get in the way of games like JRPGs that don't leave Japan or the US.

The PS4 is definitely worth it in the near future. A lower price then Xbox One(it's AU$549.95 for PS4 and AU$599.95 for Xbox One... you pay for DRM) and no DRM make it attractive and even without backwards compatibility. This time next year would be the best time to adopt the PS4 if you ask me and diversity is the main draw when it comes to games.

So... Xbone'd or PS4get about it? Xbone'd is right for Microsoft and PS4get the Xbox One! Xbox One is officially a fanboys only zone banking on Halo and other shooters for man child frat boys. In other words, go buy a PS4.

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