Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nintendo's E3 presentation was the good kind of safe

Nintendo this year has been kinda more discrete with E3 this year, choosing a Nintendo Direct over a stage show to show off it's E3 offering. This more humble approach was obviously because of the BIG Sony and Microsoft press conferences and to save money on renting a stage and a construction crew. So what do I think about it?

Well... I'm sold as usual! Nintendo is trotting out some more games Nintendo fans will love and some 3rd party developers have some games too but were limited to 5 second clips with release dates for the most part. Well this is what they focused on.

Super Mario 3D World: Yes. This December we get a Super Mario 3D land style game for Wii U with the return of Peach as a playable character. Each character has a defining attribute and the new power is a bell that turn them into cats that can climb walls and slash enemies. You can play 4 players at once too. SOLD!

Pokemon X and Y: Coming mid October we'll delve into PokeFrance with a little bit of Nintendogs virtual pet functions thrown in for good measure. Sure Pokemon games haven't dramatically changed in nearly 20 years but they are great for kids before you get them to play Shin Megami Tensei or Chrono Trigger. SOLD!

Wii U party and Wii Fit U: They'll need to do more work on them and delayed released dates. Don't Care! Not for me!

Mario Kart 8: Mario Kart 7 with hover karts... also out December. SOLD!

Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker HD: Same game from the Gamecube but even better looking! Tingle now gives you the ability to pollute the Hylian Sea with Miiverse posts in bottles. You can make the Red Lion travel faster. Out in October. DOUBLE SOLD!

Wonderful 101: Pikmin + Comic Books = niche title. Available August. Not sold but intrigued.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Planks of wood have been replaced with Viking Arctic animals and Dixie Kong is back. Late this year release. SOLD!

Bayonetta 2: They cut her hair! WTF are the clothes now? Pubes? She does look good though. Pretty much more of the same as the last one but that's fine by me! SOLD and aroused!

X... Xeno... something: Xenoblade Chronicles with mechs... awesome! SOLD!

Super Smash Bros: MEGA MAN! SOLD! 2 versions, one for 3DS and one for Wii U. DOUBLE SOLD!! More Super Smash Bros is always good!

As you can see, Nintendo knows how to open my wallet better then any other company. Sure you could scream fanboy but I was born in the 80's and Nintendo Entertainment System was my first console... so yeah. I'm sure a few of you are ready to trade your Wii U's for a PS4... or Xbox One if your brain is broken, but these games further justify my purchase.

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