Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm back baby... if you cared.

Hey guys and girls and miscellaneous, I finally got a new PC. It's not very powerful at all but I don't game on PC so it's all good. So you now know why I haven't been updating this in such a long time. I'm also changing how I do things on my blog since the break between post.

So the big changes will revolve around many things. First off is reviews... I'm not going to try and write them as quickly as I used to because it's too hard to produce them at a fast pace and enjoy the game... plus I don't get paid for it! Retro reviews may start showing up again once the Retron 5 comes out or if I feel nostalgic.

I may also start talking about movies and TV shows I watch as well(probably a lot of Doctor Who just to warn you!) since I do watch a lot of stuff that I feel like talking about. These will only be done whenever an episode of a show inspires me to write something.

Another thing I may start talking about are the comics I read(and manga if I start buying more again). Mainly if I do it'll be relating to things that bug or interest me. I have no intention of regurgitating full plot synopsis' or go deep into the lore.

So yeah, not much is going to change in the long term is it? Did you miss me? As for the games I still have on my to do list... the list will be gone so don't worry about it, I'm not. I do hope to write more now that I have a new PC... but we'll see.

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