Monday, April 14, 2014

Why I (mostly) hate Superman!

I hate Superman! Seriously, of all the comic book characters he's always rubbed me the wrong way. I know most people are fans of him from his various depictions (my mum loves the 1978 movie version... because Christopher Reeves) but I'm going to talk about what I've always hated about Superman and why a certain version actually proves that there is or should I say WAS hope for the character.

Superman started innocently enough way back in the late 1930's as a bare bones hero with the depth of a teaspoon and primarily for kids with a nearly inexhaustible array of powers... all well and good but as time passed things got confusing and irritating. Now I could go into the complete history of Superman... but I haven't got that much patience's and Wikipedia already has it. Now if you're caught up with his history I'll go into why I hate him.

Now I could be a jerk and say "I hate his patriotism!" but I don't... also IF I did that would mean I hate Captain America too for the same reason(note: I don't hate Captain America... I just find him boring outside of the recent movies and The Winter Soldier graphic novel) no no no, I hate that there is no real Clark Kent! Seriously, Clark Kent and Superman in the comics, movies and cartoons are always masks hiding the true person. My question I've always asked when consuming Superman media is "Where's the boy raised by the Kent's?" and I never seemed to find that answer for YEARS!

Now if you've seen enough Superman media, you'll notice that Clark Kent is on average, a quiet guy who is sometimes clumsy and dull. Superman on the other hand is... well... infallible, God like, a messiah! Both persona's are boring as hell and neither are genuine! In short, both are masks he uses to hide himself. The Clark Kent persona has always felt forced, like he was deliberately hiding his true self and Superman never seems to reflect any of the morals and teachings the Kent's supposedly passed on to him. Superman was never... human!

Here's the thing, there was a version done of Superman where the character wasn't a one dimensional bore and I actually enjoyed it... Lois and Clark: The new adventures of Superman! I've watched every episode of that show because it was the first time I ever saw the man behind the masks... or should I say mask since it was the first time we could truly see the real Clark Kent that was raised by the Kent's. The Clark Kent throughout the series managed to never seem like it was an act and I loved that because it finally made the character... human! Yes, I know he's an alien but he wasn't raised a Kryptonian! The Superman persona in this TV show also managed to reflect some of what his parents passed onto him and while it was still an act, even the Superman persona didn't seem as over the top like the more commonly used Jesus parallel we've seen every other time... especially in the crappy 2013 movie!

I know it seems like a flimsy argument against Superman but compare him to my favourite comic book characters Batman and Spider-man, he's a boring and one dimensional character that reflects nothing of his human upbringing and hides behind 2 masks. I'm sure most people reading this probably clicked here by accident, but I thought I'd post this to talk about something I've wanted to talk about for years.

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