Monday, September 28, 2009

Is it worth only owning 1 console?

I have been playing games for about 18 or 19 years and before I got my own income I hardly had any gaming consoles and games and most of the consoles I had I never had a choice on which one I wanted because my older brother owned them. Now since I have been buying them myself I've had people ask me "Should I buy an Xbox?","Should I buy a Wii?" or "Should I buy a PS3?". Now I hate being asked this because I bought all 3 so I didn't have to worry about which one I should own. Each console has it's points but it all depends on what you need for your gaming experience. I could do a cop out and say get them all but lets face it, why buy all of them if your not going to like them. Lets look at them and see'

PlayStation 3 : This console is the perfect addition to a HD home entertainment system. It plays a large assortment of media both physical(the discs) and digital media(like mp3's for example) and it has a web browser that works almost as well as a PC. The games on the PS3 are another story... The exclusive titles are for the most part fantastic but when it's a game that's also on the 360 it's 60% of the time a lower quality version. Target audience seems to be the hardcore tech people more then gamers but most people who are hardcore tech people are gamers so win/win.

Wii : Yahtzee on The Escapist described this as a Fisher Price kind of thing and I agree for the most part. The Wii's got a web browsers that's not the best in the world but does the basics like email and YouTube and the 'Virtual Console' games are great reminders of older games past. The Wii games on the other hand are skewed more toward the casual gamers and children who play simple games that are short but fun leaving people who want another Metriod or Zelda to wait long periods for a game they really want to play and what little hardcore titles are on it just lose appeal really fast. Target audience is everyone. Best way to describe it would be that the Wii is thinly spread butter over a large piece of toast, it has some flavour but you mainly taste the bread.

Xbox 360 : Arguably the best by most gamers the 360 has the largest catalog of games and has a lot going for it. The 360's not so much on features at the moment but soon will have Facebook and Twitter to give it some real feature but mostly this is a gaming console at heart. The 360's Xbox live arcade games are some of the best games you'll ever find on this generation of consoles and it's catalog of games has titles for everyone from the JRPG lovers like me to the Shooter fanatics and even the casual gamer making it well rounded on the gaming front with exclusive title that almost never disappoint outside of the price. It also has a lot of online games(mainly shooters) that have people playing all the time so you'll never get bored... cough! yeah... well you can get bored especially if you suck at shooters. Target audience is mainly the shooter fans who play Halo 3 so much that in the first 5-10 second they already have the best weapon and killed you, sure it has other game but over 60% of them are shooters! FPS or 3rd person there are like 3 to every 1 game that isn't.

Overall just work out what games you enjoy the most and choose which console you want, or buy them all it's all up to you but at least owning them all stops you from missing out(unless you in the PAL region then you miss out at least 40% of the games ever made!!!!).

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