Friday, September 25, 2009


This seems to happen every time I pre-order a JRPG, it happened with Tales of Vesperia, Dissidia Final Fantasy(well it's a fighting JRPG) and now Cross Edge! A release date is suppose to stay the same during the week of release not OOOOPPPPPSSSS! We decided last minute to hold it because someone might want this game. Personally I blame the other gamers because of the lack of appeal JRPG's have on other gamers. I don't know why a lot of people don't like JRPG's but still why should the people who like them get screwed over. I'd love to nit-pick at what erks me about other gamers but I have to hold my composure and remember I'm trying to be professional about my reviews of games. I also blame the companies that licence these games for PAL regions because they don't release enough of the good ones and wonder why the sales are in the toilet... I'll tell you why! It's because you charge too much for the games and don't release all the JRPG's that the USA publishes and you can't get a big demand on a small about of products. EB Games is now making the JRPG fans life miserable because they now only order copies of a game like Magna Carta 2 and other JRPG's depending on the pre-orders. This is a stupid move because of people not being able to pre-order or research the games like I do religiously to find out about the JRPGs coming soon. As a HUGE fan of the JRPG genre who lives in Australia, I feel extremely persecuted because I choose to play games other than games like EA (insert sport here)(insert year here). Ugh... look I personally hate being a gamer in Australia because of things like this and it's never going to change... Well all I can do is just wait til the 29/9/09 for Cross Edge and hope they don't change it again... B@stards.

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