Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review : Cross Edge

Cross Edge... The game you'll never play thanks to Game and EB Games new policy on JRPG's in Australia. Even though you'll never get to pay this game I'll review it anyway.

Cross Edge is a JRPG that features characters you've never seen unless your Japanese, American or an importer. The basic story is York and Miko wake up in a strange place that turns out to be a world designed to take souls from 3 different worlds to power itself and York and Miko must release souls with there new friends(from different game companies) so they can return home.

The battle system is a pain but it's easy to get used to and battle commands are set to each main button and almost every button has a purpose. Battles are random like most JRPG's but you can also jump into battle with the press of a button. A hindrance is that battle positions for character because depending on where you are depends on whether you can hit your target and all the different areas that each character can hit with each attack can be an extreme test of patience. Finding thing on the map is done by searching there area with a button and some thing aren't found until you've done something in the story or found previous souls... it's annoying.

Overall Cross Edge is a JRPG fan game that has no room for people who don't like JRPG's because you need experience in them and patients.The story is interesting but the voice acting is low grade from famous voice actors... seriously they phoned it in and it's only worth owning if your a fan of JRPG's this is getting 2 scores the JRPG fan score and the score for normal gamers.

JRPG's Fans Score 4/5
Normal Gamer Score 2/5

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