Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sonic the hedgehog... Dead or still alive?

Sonic the hedgehog is 18 years old and has been in a large number of games. Starting on a high note on the Mega drive (Genesis in USA) and falling from grace on the Dreamcast and still falling, with by the looks of it no hope of rescue, but Sega thinks a return to 2D might save this character from the games graveyard.
As you may have heard last week Sega has announced a rebirth of Sonic in 2D on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. Now I love Sonic the hedgehog games and I only liked 1 3d Sonic game which was Sonic Adventures 2 Battle on the Gamecube. Now when I heard about the new Sonic game in 2D for 2010 my first thoughts were "What will they do to stuff this one up? Will they put a map in to brake flow like they did in Sonic Rush(I liked the game but the map kinda slowed things down)? Will they put equipment in to enhance Sonic's abilities? Will they put a leveling system in to force unnecessary game lengthening? Or worse... return of either the Werehog(Sonic Unleashed) or going to each location by foot(Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Adventures)". Then I thought "Hey maybe they fired all the people who ruined Sonic for the newer generations and re-hired the guy who made the old 2D Sonic games. Hopefully they bring back the Act system they had in the old Sonic games and only have Sonic and maybe Shadow as playable characters".
Now personally if I was given the opportunity to make a Sonic game I would make a Sonic game with multiple games on it. Some in 2D including the sprites to have all the space need for all the little games and a couple of 3D games as well. 1 Game I'd make would be a classic style Sonic game with cartoon cut-scenes with Sonic. Another would be a Metroid style game with Shadow using guns and lots of exploration. Tail would have a 3D flight simulation with multi player dog fights in mind. Knuckles would have a 3D Streets of Rage style game with combos to unlock by earning exp. Rouge would have a 3D stealth game that revolves around recon. Well to be honest the Tails and Rouge game ideas are just for the sake of giving them a game but lets face it they suck as support characters for Sonic and they were a waste of time in every game they're in. Well I'd go into more details about my ideas for Sonic games but I'd rather not in case Sega somehow find this blog and likes the ideas and want more info and then they'll have to include me in the game creation progress.
In closing 2010 could be the resurrection of Sonic or the concrete encasing of the Sonic coffin that will never be opened again. Let's hope for resurrection of Sonic because I'd hate to see Sonic put down due to another bad game.

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