Saturday, October 3, 2009

PlayStation 3, why everyone should consider owning one.

Now I'm not a PS3 fan boy but The PS3 has proven itself to be more then just another game console. As I've said in a previous post it's the perfect addition to the home entertainment system you want to make. Now even though the price is steep think about what you get out of it. The PS3 plays both DVD and Blu-ray at 1080p Full HD, although not multi region it's still impressive. It has the abilities to play CD's and lots of different music files and video files. A web browser that can let you watch YouTube videos, check you email and most normal websites which is great. Like the Xbox 360 it has downloadable content and downloadable games and unlike the 360 has free online multiplayer which is awesome. Now with these awesome feature there is a problem... the games. PS3 exclusive games are almost always great but the games it shares with the other console are a different kettle of fish. Some games perform better on the PS3 then the 360 like Fallout 3 but others like Lost Planet have frame rate issues and poorer quality graphics. It's other problem is hard drive space but that's easily rectified so it's not a really big problem but a problem none the less and it's DLC and downloadable games cost more then the 360's. The PlayStation 3 is worth every cent you spend on buying it and if you can compliment it with a 7.1 surround sound system and a Full HD TV then you'll have the best home entertainment system available today.

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