Friday, October 2, 2009

Why don't people like me sleeping... *Yawn!*

For some reason, ever since I owned a mobile people call me every time I have a late night. Ever have this happen to you? I have a late night due to a new game or catching up with what's on my Foxtel I.Q box and after about 2 hours of sleep, the phone goes off and after the call I get another 30 minutes of sleep and it happens again... and again... and again until I stay awake and then... silence, the phone doesn't ring at all. I get this way to frequently but I could stop it by turning off my phone but then the other problem happens, when the phone's turned off all the important calls come in and then you could be screwed over. Also the thing I hate worse is when your housemates and/or family decides that when you sleep is the perfect time to bug you for no reason. Almost all the time they say it's important but it almost never is, it's just really annoying. Another thing is the unexpected visitor who shows up either when your asleep or have gone out to do something with other friends or to do something important. As you can see sleeping during the day for me is about as easy as playing Cross Edge without any problems. I suppose it could be worse... I could be watching some cruddy show like 'Days of our lives' or 'Home and away' or you now any soap opera.

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