Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Retro Review : Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time

The only game I've ever played that topples every Final Fantasy as my favourite game of all time! I own a copy of every version ever released in Australia. This is the best game ever (arguably I might add because of differing opinions) and it's this weeks Retro Review.

Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time is the story of Link, a young boy living in Kokiri Village who has a nightmare of an upcoming evil and gets thrust into the world and tasked to save it after visiting Zelda. I could go into more details about the story but everyone I assume has played it so you already know. Gameplay is awesome and controls are easy and work perfectly with everything you do, the games is almost perfect. The game is a dungeon crawler with lots of puzzles to solve and lots of items to obtain and plenty of content that can keep you playing for days at a time and is possible to clear in a day but you need to be really good and completing the game with every skultula and hearts and item is an extremely hard task to do in a short time. The game is the best experience you can ever have and since it's on Wii Virtual Console you can download it( If your Wii didn't get bricked from the new 4.2 update) so if you have never played it and you have a Wii... GET IT!!!

Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time is the best game anyone could ever play and anyone can get a copy without too much trouble. It's a must have game and looks like the game will forever be know the world wide.

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