Monday, November 30, 2009

Retro Review Alex Kidd In Miracle World

Wow this is really retro huh? I'm not sure if anyone evens remembers this game... or if anyone still owns it. I first played this on the Master System II as a 'built in' game and enjoyed every minute of playing it until my older brother the jerk sold the MSII to by a Mega Drive(Genesis to the U.S.A) which I did enjoyed too because he got the converter to play Master System games on it but Alex Kidd wasn't one we owned in cartridge form. 15 years later it became available on Wii and I downloaded it and realised something... This game is really hard! Now here's my Retro Review on a hard classic, Alex Kidd In Miracle World.

If there is a story to this game I wouldn't know to be honest. I never had a booklet for the game and there wasn't anything on screen about the plot. Just a kid with a big fist who occasionally ran into some guys with hands on there heads shaped in the 3 choices for Janken aka Rock,Paper,Scissors and played said game to advance to the next level. The game had some weird items to buy at the stores like the cane to make you hover and a gyro copter and a bike which helped get through some of the levels faster or safer. The game is difficult and to this day I have never finished it. The farthest I ever got was a battle in a grey castle against a fist guy who after you beat in Janken you had to beat up and I'd always only have 1 life once I get there and I'd always die. Now I barely get pass level 4 because of modern games being so damn easy.

I enjoyed playing this as a kid and still enjoy it today... but get more frustrated then I used too at it and since it's a cheap download on the Wii anyone can enjoy this difficult classic and maybe finish it unlike me.

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