Friday, December 18, 2009

Borderlands is awsome but I feel like I've played this game before...

It's official, I like Borderlands but it seems like this game really wants to be Fallout 3 in essence but trying to keep itself as a unique title. From the landscape to the types of thing you fight, it really feels like a Fallout 3 clone but doesn't hold your hand like Fallout 3 did with V.A.T.S you got to learn to run and aim. Single player and multiplayer are the same which is pretty awesome if you ask me, and I've yet to pick up the same weapon twice. If you haven't already got it and you like FPS the this Role Playing Shooter (RPS it's what Fallout 3 is as well, a new sub genre) will keep you busy for a far while... although in 1 day I got to level 18 which is weird since max level seems to be 40.

Any it's a good game and even though I bought it to play with friends it's good that both single and multiplayer are the same and it's got replay value. How it works I don't know but seeing as I got to such a high level in 1 day it looks like it won't take me long to find out.

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