Friday, December 18, 2009

Rant 13 : Optimism is guarenteed disappointment

Queue depression with simultaneous anger in 3..2..1..GO!

Heh... Rant 13 is on Final Fantasy 13 what a funny coincidence.

Some people may have already found out like I just did about an hour ago that Final Fantasy XIII in Japan was released with not English subtitles or English text menus. A depressing turn of events but that's life, it sucks and we all know it. Why you may ask? Simple! As most people already know Japan and the English language don't mix. On top of that they know that obsessed fans are going to import it anyway because they learnt the language and will buy the localised version too. I chose to not learn another language because of living in an English speaking country but it really p***es me off that Square-Enix didn't put an option for it in the Japanese version. Come the f** on Square-Enix! True fans would buy both the local and imported versions if you did it that way. It would be even more sales and money is good. Don't you like money Square-Enix? Seriously I would be less angry if it came out in January since apparently even the English voices are finished. So why make us wait until March 9 next year? Also why release the PAL and NTSC English version at the same time? You never did it before and now you are? What Square-Enix did is what referred to as a d*** move! Knowing that the game will earn an economies worth of money and with Christmas being the best time to release any blockbuster game it seems stupid not to do a worldwide release of the game. Waiting for this game is the worst torture I have endured since my wait for the Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess and I am already climbing up walls and yelling at people who even mention Final Fantasy XIII. See I'm an impatient and violent person and waiting for this games may put me over the edge. Square-Enix if you ever read this within the month of December... know this... as an extreme Final Fantasy fan I am outraged at the decision you made and if you have already finished the English version for PlayStation 3 JUST F***ING RELEASE IT NOW!!! Screw the Xbox 360 players, if they were fans they would have bought a PS3 back before the multiplatform announcement so your not going to hurt anyone important with a PS3 release before the 360 release. UGH! I am so frustrated because of this... it's just such a kick in the nuts that the game I specifically bought the PS3 for is missing out a worldwide release because of the 360. It depresses me that Squaresoft has been tumbling down hill since it's merger with Enix.

On the bright side this anger and frustration will linger until it's eventual release and I can use it to make Christmas with the bogan in-laws miserable for them since it's making us miserable that were paying for everything because of the fact they are scum and they are using the bulls*** excuse of not contributing because they celebrate on the 25Th instead of the 24Th like Europeans do. F***ing bogans! Well since my Christmas is ruined I hope everyone else is either better or worse so that I can be happy either way.. seriously I hope everyone else has a good Christmas and if you want to send me gifts... don't bother! I refuse to accept gifts from strangers and even though Christmas is the time of giving I don't give or expect to be given anything... except misery.

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