Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shameless plug Goooo! Also other stuff.

First lets get this plug out of the way. Ever seen TFS Dragonball Z abridged? Don't know where to watch it anymore? then go to there official website here. The website has all the stuff you need to enjoy DBZA and more. Ok that should do now on to the other stuff.

Final Fantasy VIII finally just got released on the US PlayStation store so hopefully on Christmas or New Years Australia will have it yay! Unfortunately Square-Enix sent me an email newsletter saying Vagrant story is coming soon to the PlayStation Store but lets hope Final Fantasy VIII comes first. On the Final Fantasy note Final Fantasy XIII looks like it will have a boat load of trailers and garbage for it before the release and no special edition or extras when you pre-order it. It sucks don't it?

On to anime, not much new in Australia worth mentioning but what's new. Inuyasha in Japan is slowly on it's way to be finally finished so in a year or 2 it should get dubbed and released. Soul Eater is being or has been fully dubbed and it's good in comparison to the D.Gray-man dub but different people at Funimation working on that. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has more episodes then expected but it looks like it's closer to the manga then the original anime so that's good right?

Well that's all I'm willing to right for today so yeah.

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