Monday, December 21, 2009

Retro Review : Resident Evil 4

Probably the best of the series, Resident Evil 4 paved the way for the modern 3rd person shooter and more action to the former survival horror series. This weeks Retro Review isn't very retro admittedly but it was on the Gamecube and it was the must have game for it.

Resident Evil doesn't exactly have the best story writing but it still gets it out. RE4 continues the series past the zombies and to Spaniards possessed by parasites. Leon is now working for the U.S government as an agent, possibly CIA or secret service and he's in search of the presidents daughter in a remote village in Spain and he ends up uncovering a hidden secret about the people and the village.
Gameplay is 3rd person, over the shoulder camera view and controls like previous entries in the series but has a laser pointer for aiming to go with the new camera view.The game unlike the previous versions also bring money into the game to buy weapons and upgrade them. The suffers from Quick Time Event-atitus because QTE's are everywhere in this and is difficult to keep track of them on the Gamecube, PC and PS2 versions but the Wii version makes them extremely easy. The Wii versions is baby's first RE4 when you play with the Wiimote. Now each version has differences. The Gamecube original version has just the main story, PC and PS2 versions have an extra story, weapon and outfit with the PS2 version having crappier graphics and the Wii version has all that and the GGN's graphics so it's the best and easiest version so if you want it you should still be able to get that version.

RE4 started a revolution in the game developer world and spawned a new generic sub-genre which gave us games like Gears Of War, Army Of Two and Uncharted. The game is a good game and like RE2 and Darkside Chronicles are good games in the Resident Evil series. Consider this as a game worth owning on a Wii if you have one still and is hard to stop playing once started. I was playing it today and stopped due to a thunderstorm.

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