Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas blog Part 1 : Morning

Ok this will be in 3 parts, morning , afternoon and evening. I would suggest not bothering to read this because it's going to be venting and just personal updates on my Christmas and I celebrate on the 24th which is today so if you know of European Christmas traditions then you need not read this little part and skip to the main part. Christmas in my house is celebrated like most Christmas' but kinda reverse I suppose. We eat dinner as a family, take a nap until midnight then get gifts... atleast when I was a kid. Now since I'm an adult it's after dinner we get gifts. Not sure if what I do now is traditional but that's how it evolved in my house once I got older, but we still celebrate on Christmas Eve.

Ok I'll start with some Christmas facts people may have forgotten over the years due to... well buggered if I know why. The star on a Christmas tree is to represent the star that Joseph and Mary followed to Bethlehem. Christmas is the holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a religious holiday not commercial, the reason we give gift is corrupted. I'm not sure if this is 100% or not but my memory isn't too good anyway but if I remember the gift giving at Christmas is to symbolise the gifts given to Jesus Christ when he was born. There's a whole lot more but even I can't remember or locate any info on it so on to my post.

So far the morning is ok. I've got to go out to do some errands but I'm guaranteed until around midday no bogans or my hobbit sister so that's a plus. I'm going to play some more Borderlands once I finish what I got to do and try and finish off the dlc 'Zombie Island of Dr Ned' and try and start one of the other 3 characters. My mothers going to be cooking in the morning for Christmas so she's going to be cranky ,which is why I'm staying in my room for the day with my brother, hoping to get him to play Borderlands. Also I'm going to be eating a lot of szaloncukor which is a Hungarian sweet which is a Christmas tradition.

That's it for the morning. Around 3pm AEDT I'll put up the afternoon update so that one will probably have some gripes in it.

Stay tuned in if you dare...

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