Monday, December 14, 2009

Retro Review : Super Mario Bros.

If you own a Wii there is a pretty good chance you own the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game and this is a Retro Review on the Super Mario Bros original. So here's a Retro Review on one of my favourite games.

Story? Phef yeah right! The games story is vague. Princess Peach(Toadstool originally) is kidnapped and you must save her from a giant mutant turtle named Bowser. That what made the game so simple, there was no story to distract from gameplay. The simple controls made it good too. Game played simply too. Run from start to finish within the time limit and collect coins to gain lives and power ups to make it easier to get through the enemies. Being a platformer it's mainly involved jumping... yeah but it was fun and challenging.

Nes games are so awesome! Difficult and fun. I wish some more games were like Nes games, difficult and fun. Ahh the Nes, one of my favourite consoles. Super Mario Bros. is a great game and can be downloaded from the Wii shop channel so if your nostalgic like I am with games then download the original, that or not I don't care I don't get paid to endorse on my blog... come to think of it I don't get paid to do anything on my blog... man I screwed myself over LOL! Seriously it's a good game and chances are you readers might not care because it's an 8-Bit game, my friend's like that too. He hates almost all older games because he embraces the newer ones.

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