Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sony casts a fog of war called Premium Accounts.

If you have been paying attention to gaming new sites then you should have heard about Sony wanting to bring in a 'Premium Account' to the PlayStation Network, but what does it mean? Some people say it will turn the PSN to a pseudo Xbox Live, some say other thing but what is the truth? That's the problem, no one knows the truth just yet. Forums across the Internet have fan boy hatred against the idea and I don't blame them, heck I'm not thrilled either. A lot of people say that the 'Premium Account' will just give access to special DLC, avatars and themes for the PS3 but is that really the truth? Who knows. I think it will start with premium stuff, then advance into full XBL screw you status once enough people pay for it because they will know that people will pay for novelty garbage. I know how to fix it! Nobody get a premium account and they will be forced to scrap it due to lack of interest. I look forward to peoples response to this because it's stupid to bring this in after 3 years with free online play, also name one exclusive game worth paying to play in one second, times up NONE! XBL is the better online service for online gaming but PS3 with it's free PSN made it popular. All I got to say to Sony is "D*** move guys, d*** move!"

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