Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every Gamer needs to watch these videos! Trust me!

I just watched a couple of videos that every gamer needs to watch. Seriously these videos will open the eyes of some gamers or rattle their cages. In my case I felt neither but that because I know everything mentioned in these videos but I choose to live otherwise but that's me. The first is from a person who is a gamer but realised that it was badly affecting his life. It's called "The only thing I know" and this should be watched first. The other one is done by the blogger of MovieBob and The Game Overthinker which is called "Building a better Gamer". This one has Bob giving advice on how gamers can help remove the stereotypes placed on them and it will offend some people but live with it.

Both these videos should be viewed by all gamers and it may help you realise what stereotypical activities your perpetuating. Regardless I think it's important to spread the word about these videos and who knows you may be a better person after viewing them... or it may solidify the type of gamer you are and go against them.

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