Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rant 22 : Large fighting game character roster to choose from, but uses only 1-3 different characters players.

Ok this really p***es me off! Play any fighting game online and your guaranteed to play against people who only us 1-3 different characters and that's it! I really hate it because it gets really boring, really fast. Sure your good with 1-3 characters... big f***ing deal! A really good player can use all the characters with no problems what so ever. I also hate the fact Blazblue:Calamity Trigger has online achievements and 1 of them is battle all 12 characters online, you know how you get this? If you have a friend who owns the game because a lot of people wont use those last 1 or 2 characters you need for that trophy/achievement and you'll get p***ed off really easily. What's worse are those "Duh I'm retarded, I use only Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter" players who are people who exploit lag. In Australia we've all come across that guy in every type of game but fighters are where they roam the most. The guy who lags out your connection and then manages to kill you before your first button command registers. When I play fighting games, no matter which one, I always choose a different character until I've used the entire roster once and then start again or I run random. Either way I get less board this way. Sure my skills won't compare to retard Mc Ryu-Ken pants but at least I'm not board after 10 minutes. I have always been like this and when I play my friends who do this I play for 10 to 15 minutes and then I ask to play something else. Some people may say it's a short attention span, but remember I play JRPGs for over 10 hours straight on a good day and even longer on a great day. Fighting games have large rosters for a reason, to use every character for variety. If you ever want to be my friend on PSN or XBL, then you first must not be a one trick pony fighter who only rides the Ryu-Ken horse. Seriously If your only gonna play as one character or 3, then you've wasted money on a good game for nothing.

If you are a fighting game player and only use 1-3 characters then you suck, sorry to say this but it's people like you that make online gaming less fun... you and snipers.

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