Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Megaman Zero took less then 6 hours to finish.

Ok I'm a little angry about this. I just finished Megaman Zero out of the 4 games on the Megaman Zero collection and it took less then six hours. That's just too short even with the grind! Seriously this pisses me of because it retailed for $79.95 on the GBA back when it first got released and seeing it only last that long makes me glad I didn't buy it then. For crying out loud the Megaman Battle Network games lasted me 14 hours and this game was nothing to me.

Now I did like the game regardless of it's short length but to be honest I just don't feel like it was enough. Now I understand what the Easy Scenario mode on the Megaman Zero Collections purpose is, to play the entire series in a decent length of time. Also I think I may have been too good for the game and that's why it felt so short. Look at NES games. You can finish most of them in 3 hours but they can last longer thanks to the amount of times you die. Anyway, now to play the second one and pray it lasts a little longer.

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