Monday, July 12, 2010

Really tired... wish I had more new games to play now.

Man I haven't slept properly in 2 days... I wish I knew what was up. My sleep pattern is a bit out of whack but it's never been this much of a problem before. Enough about how tired I am.

As you know it's the gaming drought. I've run out of new games to play and my back catalog could use some love but I just can't get myself in the mood to jump back into any of those. As for new games there really isn't any good games coming out until August 31 assuming Metroid: Other M doesn't get postponed and even if it gets postponed I still have a hell of a lot of time until a new decent release comes out. What am I to do? Well on the plus side I have Megaman Zero Collection coming in the mail soon which got released last month I think so it gives me something to review. I also have a bunch of games I haven't finished that I can play but again I need to get into the mood for it.

Off topic I managed to make some more new sprites so you'll see them as the posts come along. I like my new sprites and I hope you guys will like them too. Well hopefully I'll be able to get some proper sleep soon and hopefully I'll find something to amuse myself until the new gaming year releases start rolling around. Maybe something to rant about will come up again.

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