Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review : Transformers: War For Cybertron

Well this is a game that I have had troubles reviewing. This is because I am a fan of the untainted original series of Transformers and I'm sick of shooters especially all the samey cookie cutter shooters trying to mimic Gears of War and Halo. Well here's my review of Transformer: War For Cybertron.

Tranformers: War For Cybertron is a fan game, made by fans, for fans and I wouldn't have that any other way... well that's not completely true. There are a few thing about the game to complain about but I'll go over them later. The Story of Transformers: War for Cybertron is based before the events of the 80's TV series and before Optimus became the leader of the Autobots. Megatron has gotten his hands on Dark Energon and is using it to make Cybertron his, while Optimus is trying to stop the damage from destroying everything. The story mode is about 10 hours and it's well done outside of some voice actors just driving me crazy because they seem to be in everything. I wish the campaign mode was longer, so if High Moon is reading this please make DLC with extra campaign missions. The game plays like the average 3rd person shooter and it works well outside of the lack of customizable controls and your left side is a big blind spot. Switching between vehicle and robot mode is awesome outside of again lack of customizable controls.
There is also a couple of multiplayer modes including campaign co op which is good bar connection issues with the server. One of the main multiplayer modes are Escalation which is a Gears Of War 2 horde mode style of game where 5 people try to survive against waves of enemies that get tougher with each wave. This mode is the best mode in the game if you just want to play with friends but again the server is a problem because a game can be dropped by the server on the PS3 at any time from what I've experience, also nobody on PS3 seems to have a headset and it's frustrating. The other is competitive multiplayer which has all the multiplayer modes you know and love from every other shooter so anyone who has played a shooter online knows the deal. This mode is pretty fun and thanks to each classes abilities it never gets boring. There are 4 classes, Scientist who are basically medics and weak, Scouts who are fast and weak, Soldiers who destroy anything in it's path and are tough to take down in 1 on 1 showdowns and Leaders who are buffers and have balanced stats from what I've witnessed. Also a big gripe about the multiplayer I have is the lack of model choices for the classes and again if High Moon is reading this release DLC with more multiplayer models and maps! Once again this mode like every online mode can hiccup and you'll either have your console freeze (on PS3) or get a server unavailable message which is fricken annoying.

Ok I've admittedly had a lot of complaints about the game but it's a good fun game. I really do like it even with all the complaints I've got. Most of what I complained about can be fixed with DLC and patches but it's still a good game. I give it a 3/5 because of all the issues I have with it but if they can release DLC with more campaign missions and DLC for more models and maps for multiplayer and a patch to stop freezing online and server boots then it would make it a great game. I do enjoy playing the game even with it's flaws and I would like a sequel to it with some improvements on it from this game. Now I'm going to go back and play it because it's fun to play it online when it wants to.

Score 3/5

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